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CES previews

A Samsung 55-inch super OLED TV is displayed during a press event at The Venetian for the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show January 9, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nev.

We’re at the Consumer Electronics Show all week, bringing you the latest in technology. Here are just a few of the tidbits coming over the transom as the show gets ready to kick off.
  1. Instant on, instant off. Place your pots and pans anywhere. That’s what stoves using Inductor-technology are promising.
  2. Thin is in,  just ask computer-maker, Acer. It’s come out with the thinnest laptop.  
  3. And if laptops are still too bulky for you AND you like to go swimming with your phone, how about the thinnest, waterproof smartphone?
  4. Nuance, the company that brought you Dragon Diction speech recognition software, is introducing voice-enabled TV’s. Talk to your television. Tell it you had a bad day, and maybe it can suggest a show (Cheers?).

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Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show.


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