Cash is the new cash just announced a new program that lets you pay for your online order with cold, hard cash. Samolians. Bread. Greenbacks. Lettuce. Scrilla. Scratch. In other words: U.S. dollars. Please, no drumroll for the program’s name: "Pay With Cash." Not too catchy, but effective. The program will let you buy an item online and gives you 48 hours to make your way into a physical store to pay for it.

All Things D spoke to Joel Anderson, CEO of “The fact that only 15 percent of our transactions are done in the form of credit at our stores means there’s a large percentage of Wal-Mart customers who are dependent on cash to transact online. We definitely think it is a big opportunity.” A-ha!
Once an item has been paid for, it’s shipped out, which, Anderson claims, will save you money, if you’re buying something as a gift. Hard to follow the logic there, however, since you’re still paying for shipping.

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