Bing is more Facebooky

Bing, the Art Garfunkel of search engines, rolled out some new features today that make the searching experience more social than before. The new Bing has a universal Like button in the tool bar at the top of the screen that lets you Like any site, whether that site has Facebook Like enabling or not. So essentially: all sites now do. Welcome to the future. When you search, the sites that you Liked or your Friends Liked (I keep capitalizing here to denote things that aren't always what they appear to be like Liking and Friends). Here's another helpful/creepy feature add: when you search for someone on Bing and they have a Facebook profile, you'll be able to tell details about them like location, employment, and education right out of the search results. Creepy? Perhaps. But if you restrict public access on Facebook it won't be a problem.

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