Big data breach

Reuters is calling it perhaps the biggest data breach in the U.S. EVER. It all traces back to hackers who got into client files of the company Epsilon, which sends over 40 billion email ads ever year. So, if you've done business with Walgreens, TiVo, US Bank, JPMorgan Chase, Capitol One (what's in YOUR file), Citi, Disney Destinations, College Board and more, you might have received an email over the weekend that said this: "We learned from our e-mail provider, Epsilon, that limited information about you was accessed by an unauthorized individual or individuals .... This information included your name and e-mail address and did not include any financial or other sensitive information. We felt it was important to notify you of this incident as soon as possible."
It's thought right now that there was no personally identifiable information in the data that was stolen, and law enforcement is looking into the matter.

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