Bemilo wants you to hold the reigns of your child’s phone access

Bemilo is a new service being offered to UK parents that gives them remote access to their kids’ SIM card. Customers of Britain’s Vodafone network can now use Bemilo and choose when their kids can text, browse the Internet, and make phone calls. The system was designed to help cut down bullying texts, phone usage during school, and browsing that could cut into valuable teen sleep time.

From the BBC: “According to a survey of 2,000 parents conducted by Bemilo, 40% of children from eight to 16 who own a mobile phone are sleep deprived, and 25% have been subjected to mobile phone bullying.”

Having the SIM card installed lets parents monitor and control the phone through a website. Texts and browsing history are also viewable - that fact alone might be enough to scare some teens out of bad habits. The site also lets parents choose numbers that can always get through in case of an emergency. No word on if/when Bemilo will make the jump across the pond.

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