Being in hot water is a good thing

Yesterday, a shower was given a prize. Okay, let me explain. Nick Christy's invention for a shower that recycles hot water won the Dutch Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, which netted him $684,000 to refine the invention.

From Venture Beat:

Most of the energy in your hot water system is lost. It's never used.' says Christy. A typical shower uses at least 3 litres of drinking water, and 22-48 percent of the energy used to heat a shower is lost in storing warm water which then goes cold in tanks and pipes within a household.

Christy's idea captures the water from your shower, cleans it, then sends it right back to your shower head (still hot). The whole process takes about 25 seconds.

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If it's insulated well, it is a great idea. If it can be made to destroy body hair and other gunk in the cycle somehow, it's worth every penny Christy invested! Obviating those dissolving solutions would be stellar.

We really need to start working on solutions to conserve water like this. We're making more people everyday. However, the water we use was made billions of years ago and no more is being made on the planet.

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