Apple vs. Samsung wraps testimony

Before the trial got underway, Judge Lucy Koh put a time limit on how long Apple and Samsung lawyers had to tell their stories. 50 hours - 25 per side. That time came to an end on Friday, so now  what? Closing arguments are set for tomorrow, and then the jury goes on deliberate one of the biggest patent cases in history.

All Things D gives the bottom line:

Apple has sued Samsung for violating several patents as well as infringing on several protected design elements, known as “trade dress.” Samsung denies those charges and has countersued Apple for infringing on three feature patents as well as some core wireless patents.
The jury will have to unanimously agree that a particular patent is valid and infringed by a particular device in order for a finding of infringement. There are dozens of different phones and tablets at issue in the case, in addition to the many patents.

Details that have come out of the trial ranged from the mundane - what denotes a rounded corner? - to the va-va-VOOM - Apple brings in an average of 558 bucks of revenue on each iPad, roughly $100 more than Samsung.
But the battles of the super rich could have an effect on you.

The New York Times writes:

If Apple prevails, experts believe Samsung and other rivals in the market will have a much stronger incentive to distinguish their smartphone and tablet products with unique features and designs to avoid further legal tangles.

And if Samsung prevails? Well then, this holiday season should be filled with iPhonies. Innovation be damned!

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Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show.
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I'm tired of Apple prevailing on their legal bullying ... it's already resulted in a removal of functionality from my (HTC) Android phone. The patent system is broken, and Apple has been trying to profit from these flaws. "Think Different" indeed.


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