Apple sues Kodak’s carcass

Go ahead and pick your own analogy here. Godzilla vs. Bambi? Godzilla vs. Bambi’s mother after she’s been shot? Indeed, Apple is asking a court for permission to sue the already bankrupt Kodak for, you guessed it, patent violations. The action comes just days after Kodak announced it was giving up on the digital camera business and instead focusing on printers. Okay, more analogies. This is like General Electric deciding to focus on forks and pencils sold out of a van in a bad part of town. And what patents are Apple going after? Yup, patents related to printers, as well as digital picture frames. This comes on the heels of a suit by Kodak against Apple and HTC before the International Trade Commission. On patent violations. Eye of the tiger, Kodak. Eye of the tiger.


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