Apple’s bananas numbers

Earlier yesterday, I was seeing some tweets flow by that mentioned Apple’s numbers would blow away even the concept of being blown away when the company reported earnings. Hyperbole is no stranger to Apple or stock speculation but it was dead on here. $13 billion in profits, double the profits over last year. Here’s one part of it that really stood out for me: Apple’s profits last quarter exceeded Google’s REVENUES last quarter.

We almost never talk about quarterly earnings on this show but I’ll make an exception for something this bonkers. What this says in terms of how tech affects your life is that Apple has the war chest and the confidence to build more, market more, and just generally do more. Which bodes well for the iPad 3, the iPhone 5, the Apple television, the Apple stove, the Apple house, the Apple space shuttle, and other larger projects.

Mentioned in the numbers is the news that Apple sold 1.4 million Apple TVs in the holiday quarter. That’s a third of the total number of units sold ever, 4.2 million, and it was just in one quarter. The Apple TV is a little set top box that lets you rent movies from iTunes, watch Netflix, watch YouTube, and do a bunch of other stuff. It also comes with a tiny silver remote that my kids lost within days.


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