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Honestly, this year I had it all planned out. I was going to peck away at my Christmas shopping starting in October. Just an item or two here and there for two months. That way there’s no stress and the bills even out a little smoother too. But then again, when I was in school and had homework due Monday morning, I would always do it late Sunday night instead of Friday afternoon.

It’s for people like me that Amazon has likely launched a new Best Of Digital store, for when you need to get someone a gift but can no longer have it be in the form of atoms and need to go with bits.

What do they have there, L.A. Times?

The store, which is a section of Amazon's website, has for sale mp3 music files, not CDs; downloadable movies, not DVDs or Blu-ray discs. Apps, games, magazines, e-books (for Amazon's Kindle e-reader, of course) and software for home PCs are on the list as well.

Still a lot better than beef jerky and trucker music CDs from the gas station.

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