Amazon hearts movie streaming

This week has seen some big streaming news. I feel like we hit the tipping point were TV on the net was suddenly everywhere.

Netflix announced a Facebook integration for users in Canada and Latin America,

Wal-Mart launched a streaming service.

Fox said it was going to delay its content on Hulu and Thursday.

And finally Amazon announced it reached an agreement with NBC Universal to make over 9,000 movies and TV shows available for people who subscribe to Amazon's Prime service. This comes just a week after Amazon announced a deal with CBS to stream over 2,000 of that network's TV shows.

So will all these new streaming stories on Amazon Prime be enough to lure disgruntled Netflix subscribers? Sure you say you plan to quit when the rate hikes take effect this fall - but remember Kevin Spacey is coming to Netflix and as of this week you can stream Mad Men on Netflix too.

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Browsing Amazon's streaming service was not very intuitive. Once Amazon makes it easier to browse titles, I will drop Netflix in a second.

netflix streaming leaves a lot to be desired. the only reason i stay with their service is because of the dvd selection available that I cannot stream.

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