Allegations that Foxconn was tipped off to inspections, hid underage workers

We recently told you about preliminary inspections of Foxconn facilities in China that resulted in reports that conditions were sunnier than many had previously suspected. Now Apple Insider reports that Students & Scholars Against Corporate Misbehavior (SACOM) project officer Debby Sze Wan Chan says Foxconn knew the inspectors from the Fair Labor Association were coming.

From Apple Insider:

"All underage workers, between 16-17 years old, were not assigned any overtime work and some of them were even sent to other departments," Chan reported the workers as having said.

Another Foxconn worker in Chengdu said she had been allowed three breaks a day recently because of the audit, whereas she is accustomed to only receiving one break a day.

Chan says that her research into Foxconn conditions reveals something much more similar to what was reported by the New York Times. 

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