Add another gadget to IKEA’s inventory. This time it’s a cardboard digital camera.

IKEA, makers of unpronounceable, flat-packed house wares, has announced its next entry into electronics. No, it’s not an all-in-one TV, Blu-ray player, sound system packed into its own pre-fab table - that’s so last week.

This time it’s a digital camera. Oh, and it’s made out of cardboard. Yup. The camera was recently given out at a press conference during the Salone design show in Milan, Italy. Two AA batteries power it up, and it comes with a USB stick that can store up to 40 pictures before you have to transfer them elsewhere. No word on price, although it can’t be very expensive as it uses some very Ansel Adams technology: a viewfinder (read: no screen to frame your shot). As far as availability, the closest time-frame I could find comes from Gizmodo: “soon.” The TV, if you recall, will have a limited, initial run in select countries and come to the U.S. next year.

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