Absolutely awesome study says it's okay to surf the web for fun while at work

Something about the word "cyberloafing" doesn't sit well with me, but that's what researchers from the National University of Singapore decided to study. Their findings, presented last week in Texas, show that dinking around on the web will help you be a more productive worker. It's not all internet related activities, though. Email doesn't help.

From the WSJ:
When browsing the Internet, people "usually choose to visit only the sites that they like--it's like going for a coffee or snack break. Breaks of such nature are pleasurable, rejuvenating the Web surfer," wrote Dr. Lim, in an email. By contrast, workers can't control the kinds of email they receive, and reading and replying to each message is "cognitively more demanding, relative to Web surfing, as you need to pay attention to what is said on the email," she added.

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