“You never call anymore” - Mother

Mother, please! According to a recent study by technology and strategic consultants Chetan Sharma, nobody calls anymore. And by “nobody” I mean around 100 million people worldwide, which is way less than the peak when people actually talked on mobile phones back in the mid-90s. Even texting isn’t growing as fast as it has been, and in some cases, its popularity is declining.

From the New York Times:

cellphone users in the Philippines, one of the top texting nations, sent roughly 400 text messages a month each on average in 2011, down from about 660 a month in 2010. American cellphone users are still sending more texts than before — about 680 messages a month in 2011 compared to about 640 a month in 2010.

For the first time, the study shows, data is king. Smartphones are everywhere and chewing up bits of bytes like a werewolf under a full moon.

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Marc Sanchez is the technical director and associate producer for Marketplace Tech Report where he is responsible for shaping the sound of the show.
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