T. Boone Pickens and the wind farms

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    T. Boone Pickens

    - Marisa Helms

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    Texas oil man T. Boone Pickens wants to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by creating huge wind farms in the Great Plains.

    - Marisa Helms


Bob Moon: If you've watched TV recently, maybe you've seen this ad:

I'm T. Boone Pickens. This plan will work, but it needs your help. Join me. We can take back our energy future.

Moon: The Texas oilman is betting billions of his own money, promoting his idea for reducing the country's dependence on foreign oil. He wants to create vast wind farms in the Great Plains to make electricity and at the same time diverting natural gas that's now used for generating power. We caught up with T. Boone Pickens in Minnesota, where he's been attending this week's Republican convention, and I asked him to explain his plan.

T. Boone Pickens: Natural gas is about 20 percent of our power generation, and I would replace that with wind and take the natural gas and move it to transportation fuel.

Moon: You want to shift the use of natural gas that we use now to generate electricity, and use it instead for our cars.

Pickens:Yes, I do.

Moon: I have to ask you, you're facing a lot of headwind, so to speak, from critics who complain that you've got a big conflict of interest here. After all, you're not only pushing wind power, but you control a natural gas company, which would greatly profit from your plan.

Pickens: Well, that's an interesting question. But 80 years old, I have plenty of money. I see myself as a pioneer going out in front to do this. There's plenty of opportunity. If I'm right on the wind, you can come in on the deal too. I mean, there's plenty of room for everybody. But second, in the last five years, I've given away $700 million and my estate goes to charity. So it's not about me making money.

Moon: So, you want 20 percent of our energy to come from wind. I just read an article that says there are a lot of skeptical experts out there who think that this is a really tall order, given that these huge turbines and the power transmission lines are often opposed by communities.

Pickens: Well, they're not opposed in the Great Plains of the United States. All the farmers and landowners and cities in that corridor want that.

Moon: Why choose natural gas and wind power? Why not, let's say, nuclear.

Pickens: Nuclear's fine with me, too. I'm for everything American, because our dependency is so huge on foreign oil. You see, we're importing 12 million barrels of oil a day. And to give you a reference point, there's nine million barrels a day produced by Saudi Arabia. So, we have to come up with something that's gonna cut that 12 million barrels a day down substantially.

Moon: Let me ask you to respond to something that Will Wilkinson of the Cato Institute said in a commentary on Marketplace the other day. Here's some of his criticism of you:

Will Wilkinson clip: He's leaning hard on our worst nationalist impulses. What he's really saying is, why buy the things you need from dangerous foreigners when you could be paying more to buy them from rock-ribbed Americans, like T. Boone Pickens.

Pickens: It's more than me. I mean, this is about America. This isn't about Boone Pickens and whether Pickens' wind farm makes money or whatever happens to it. But I mean, here with $700 billion going out of the country, and let's say that we could cut it in half -- $350 billion in the United States, can you imagine how that would multiply for jobs here. I'd much rather that gonna $350 billion was being used here than to give some for foreign oil.

Moon: T. Boone Pickens, thank you very much for joining us. Appreciate your time.

Pickens: OK. Thank you, Bob.

Moon: Mr. Pickens has a new book out, by the way. It's called "The First Billion Is the Hardest." And you can hear more of our interview about the Pickens plan at Marketplace.org.

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I've been in and around the oil buiss. for 10 years.I worked west Texas, and mostly West Kansas, Ness City. I have a great Idea for T Boom to show and help a-lot of homeless vets.I go by Greg Lester, 806-570-2492. I'm writing the Idea down and sending to myself first,ok? I truly believe in what T-Boom is doing with the wind,so lets let the world see it now.Sincerely Greg Lester

No one mentioned that T. Boone owns a giant wind farm that is losing money and what he's really looking for government subsidies.

We recently crossed the US on major highways and saw nothing but open space and fields of corn and cows. Wouldn't it be possible to line these byways with wind turbines? It would benefit the farmers, ranchers and us! Corn used for ethanol depletes our water tables and we will soon be running out of this precious resource.

Pickens focus on less viable alternatives than solar (in two years a doubling of efficiency) and geothermal... and nuclear... is a wrongful distraction.

Wind power is daytime, and is often not locate-able near to consumers, while CNG isn't carbon neutral.

Pickens still working for the oil and utility industries... both of whom are strongly resisting to decentralized consumer generation...

A step in the right direction, but the wrong direction for the good oil USA.

T. Boone Pickens invited to join Independent Greens to join Presidential Ticket

For Immediate Release: Contact: Joe Oddo



www.gailparker.us Gail "for Rail" Parker

www.VoteJoinRun.us 703-585-0512 (c)

T. Boone Pickens invited to join Independent Greens Presidential Ticket

The Independent Greens of Virginia were the first state party in America to endorse and join The Pickens Plan on July 7, 2008. The Pickens Plan calls for building wind, solar power, and rail to cut dependence on foreign oil. Make America safer and more secure.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg withdrew from the Independent Greens presidential ballot line on Thursday. The Indy Greens have contacted T. Boone Pickens through his representatives (Sara Martin of Stratton and Associates, the political consulting firm in Denver, Colorado). The Independent Greens invited him to join their Presidential ticket to promote the Pickens Plan to cut American dependence on foreign oil.

The Independent Greens advocate building high speed, modern, innovative magnetic levitation trains. "We need More Trains, Less Traffic to make America safer and more secure, and save American lives." Gail "for Rail" Parker, the Independent Greens Vice state chair, and U.S. Senate candidate.

"We need fiscally, conservative, and socially responsible government".

This year the Independent Greens have effectively placed five Virginia candidates on the ballot for US Congress, plus put Gail for Rail Parker on the ballot once again for US Senate and an Independent Presidential candidate on the ballot in Virginia.

Election day is November 4, 2008.

Kind Regards,

G. Gail "for Rail" Parker, Vice-Chair Independent Greens of Virginia

U.S. Senate candidate

703-585-0512 (mobile)


Joe Oddo, State Coordinator

U.S. House candidate in 11th District

703-338-0200 (mobile)


Mr. Oddo is the Independent Green candidate for congress in the 11th District.

I think the tremendous PR that wind energy is receiving (and buying) these days has completely ignored the variety of impacts of the huge industrial wind farms that are sprouting up in the U.S, and indeed world wide. In that regard, and despite the unpopularity of my findings amongst the wind energy industry and cash-hungry rural governments, I believe I am perhaps the only independently objective professional who is actually studying the impact on home values of being surrounded by these modern day power plants, as differentiated from merely being able to see the 400 foot towers from one’s front porch against the distant horizon, 5 miles or more away.

The empirical and factual evidence I have researched to date reveals that a significant impact occurs, for example, as homes sit on the market for 800 or more days, once would-be buyers view the “neighborhood”, or will occasionally sell at a steep (20-30%) discount after the market has almost entirely rejected such an overlaid “industrial” home setting. Clearly, the turbines are having a significant negative financial impact on homeowners.

It is also interesting that the wind energy developers are somehow able to place their projects on thousands of acres in rural residential and agricultural settings, without any consideration of the pre-existing residents with homes on 1 to 5-acre lots, or any official requirement that the home owners at least be offered a buy-out or property value guarantee. Having worked on numerous large scale development projects, I can think of no other example that mirrors the wind industry lack of consideration toward the existing residents. I feel quite comfortable in asserting the truism that if any developer tried to build a shopping center, etc., “around” any residential lot and home, without buying them out or convincing the sponsoring governmental agency to employ eminent domain powers for the “public good”, the chance of obtaining zoning approval would be slim to none.

I realize that the majority of the public has only been exposed to the positive aspects of wind farm produced energy, frankly, most of which with I agree in concept. However, when the financial and social gain to the public or even just the profit margin for the energy companies is achieved at the expense of a (increasingly large) handful of non-participating property owners, and the destruction of their property values results, then that is tantamount to a large scale shelving of the long established legal requirement that just compensation must be paid to a property owner when they lose the use, enjoyment and value of their property for the public purpose or use in question.

The wind energy industry has utterly failed to isolate the study of impact on home values to those most affected, namely, those in the “footprint” of the projects. why?.....because no one wants to live among the towering giants sent to save us from dependence on Arab oil. Case in point: Even T. Boone Pickens was quoted as saying he will not build any part of his $10-billion Texas wind farm on his 6,000 acre ranch….”because they are ugly”.

Mr. Obama and other influential proponents of wind energy would be fully justified in making sure the rural residents of this nation are protected from a property value “meltdown”, rather than simply rolling out the red carpet for poorly planned growth and energy production. Otherwise, it will be too late for 30, 40 or 100 times as many people as have been ignored thus far, and the parallel lessons of the mortgage crisis will have been too quickly forgotten.

There are other experts familiar with noise and health impacts, which would “round out” the issue with counter points to the wind energy PR statements.


Michael S. McCann
McCann Appraisal, LLC

The problem is that the contoids are against everything democrat just look too cool. So when an oil man starts backing renewable energy the contoids and repubeatards like the cheney energy program start to fight against renewable energy.

The problem with the contards and the corproids is that everything they represent is for battle, if conyoyos started fighting for gay rights, the democrats would that say the republicans want amnesty for there congressmen.

The progressives supported renewable energy until capitalrips found a way to make it another government give away like nuclear and oil and now the con-tards are against because honest capitalism is making money from it. You're just sore that your hypocrite Pickens and 2 billionair texans want goverment handouts to help out. In fact I think the con-tards had some homoerotic fantasies that capitalists would spread democracy around the world, save civilization and show how evil laws are, while in fact captialism is spreading renewable energy around the world, saving civilization, etc. Just look at europe, where all the wind machines are designed, made and sold to us.

Stop being idiots, hop on board and help us expand wind power and move into the future by cutting oil and coal handouts and loopholes.

Picken's plan is very smart and will work to make even more money for him if implemented. His plan leaves room for other government handouts and other ways to force captive ratepayers to drink the water as well:
natural gas, electricity for cars, wind, waterpipelines, natural gas, nuclear for electricity, natural gas and pipeline companies.

The problem is that the libtards are against everything republican just to look cool. So when an oil man starts backing renewable energy the libtards start to fight against renewable energy.

The problem with the libtards and the communidiots is that everything they represent is for affectation, if republicans started fighting for gay rights, the left-tards would start fighting against gay rights, they'd say that the republicans want to use them to make money.

The left-tards supported renewable energy until capitalists found a way to make it profitable and now the lib-tards are against because evil capitalism is making money from it. You're just sore that it requires Pickens and texans and capitalists to push wind power to significant levels in the USA and your hypocrite hero Al Gore isn't doing anything to help out. In fact I think the lib-tards had some masterbatory fantasies that socialism would spread renewable energy around the world, save civilization and show how evil capitalism is, while in fact captialism is spreading renewable energy around the world, saving civilization, etc.

Stop being idiots, hop on board and help us expand wind power and move into the future.

Picken's plan is very smart and practical and will work if implemented. His plan leaves room for other solutions as well:

cellulosic ethanol, natural gas, biodiesel and electricity for cars.
wind, geothermal, solar, wave energy, nuclear for electricity.

You had better get behind T Boone Pickens or you will be eating your dog and stealing from your neighbors to survive when oil production has dwindled to the point where industrialized agriculture seizes up. There MUST be a renewable energy infrastructure in place within 15 years or so or else we are finished as a functioning civilization. All the major oil fields on which Americans depend are in serious decline. Cantarell's production in Mexico (which supplied the USA with 9% of our oil) is down 34% in one year alone! Ghawar in Saudi Arabia cuts a very high percentage of seawater now (much less oil per unit of volume) due to the enhanced recovery techniques deployed since the 1990s. These are fields in serious decline now.

Will Wilkinson is a complete idiot and honestly is a danger to the public. He is absolutely blind to the machinations of the Earth's natural resources. Resources and their supply/availability/rate at which they are consumed, etc. do not care about his economic theories and globalization agenda. Applying those social models to obviously dwindling supplies is retarded. He is doing this country a great disservice by publicly ignoring the cold hard facts in his misguided opinions of resource depletion and how heavily our civilization is dependent on the ever waning supply of already post-peak oil.

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