A real life 'quantum leap'

A photon source is seen in the CERN (European Organization For Nuclear Research) visitors' center on June 16, 2008 in Geneva-Meyrin, Switzerland.

Sam (bottom) and Al (top) from the NBC TV series 'Quantum Leap.'

Chinese scientists say they have bounced single photons of an orbiting satellite and detected them back on on the Earth's surface. So what? Well, it's a big development for what's called quantum teleportation -- the idea of making information appear in two places without sending the actual data from one spot to the other.

Dr. Eugene Polzik, who has been working on this at the Niels Bohr Institute in Denmark, joins Marketplace Tech host Ben Johnson to explain.

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Ben Johnson is the host of Marketplace Tech.

Sam (bottom) and Al (top) from the NBC TV series 'Quantum Leap.'


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