Netflix overhauls user experience for consoles and smart TV watchers

A screenshot of Netflix's new design.

A company called Sandvine put out a report on internet traffic this week. One major takeaway: 50 percent of traffic in North America this year will come from just two places: YouTube and Netflix. I headed across Manhattan the other day to meet up with Chris Jaffe, the streaming company's VP of product innovation. He gave me a tour of Netflix's big revamp of the user experience. Starting today, people who watch Netflix on smart TVs and some gaming consoles will begin to see more pictures for the shows they watch, reviews from friends, and more. Why is it a big deal? Company heads think the new design will keep streaming subscribers (read: paying customers) glued to the screen. Considering the huge number of us who are apparently just using the internet to watch Netflix at night, that's a big change. 

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Ben Johnson is the host of Marketplace Tech.


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