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Go inside a virtual reality simulator used for treating PTSD

Dec 6, 2013
At a VA hospital in New York, veterans are being treated for post-traumatic stress disorder inside a virtual reality simulator.
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Using virtual reality video games to treat PTSD

Dec 5, 2013
Virtual reality simulations are being used to treat soldiers with a kind of therapy that predates the technology.
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Autistic kids may one day learn social interaction through avatars

Dec 4, 2013
New gaming technology could change the way autistic children learn social communication.

Video games and the autism spectrum

Dec 3, 2013
Video games can help people on and off the autism spectrum interact physically and socially.
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No guns or race cars or strategy in this video game.

Dec 2, 2013
Kara Stone, an artist and video game designer, talks about her video game "Medication Meditation," which explores what it's like to have a mental illness by recreating the therapy process.
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Marketplace Tech explores the relationship between mental health and video games. Artists are creating video games to explore mental illness, psychiatrists are researching how engaging with tech influences children with autism, and therapists can help families use virtual reality to bolster their physical and mental wellness. 

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