Mastercard's goes digital with e-wallet 'Masterpass'

Mastercard, wary of the competition from electronic wallets, said it will start charging a controversial extra fee to some companies that want to run Mastercard transactions through their e-wallets.

Could electronic wallets become as common as cellphones? Paypal and Google sure hope so. The two companies see a future where you walk into a store and simply use your smartphone to pay. But competition is growing. Now MasterCard says it will start charging a controversial fee to some e-wallet companies that want to run MasterCard transactions. But the card company isn't stopping there. They are also developing an e-wallet of their own.

Ed McLaughlin, chief emerging payments officer for Mastercard, joins Marketplace Tech host David Brancaccio to discuss MasterCard's strategy for staying relevant in the mobile age.

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Payment by smartphone is a reality in more advanced countries, like Japan and S. Korea. There, payment processors realized that everyone benefits (i.e., the get more business) if they agree to free, common standards for e-wallets, so that they compete on the basis of their respective features and service, rather than on some artificial construct. Short-sighted greed by U.S. payment processors is what's holding back mobile payments.

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