License, registration...and cellphone

Many states, such as New York, have penalties for texting while driving. One lawmaker in New Jersey is trying to take this one step further.

Texting while driving is dangerous, and a new report from the American Automobile Association suggests that even using voice commands to control your device is dangerous too.

So will a driver's cell records soon become part of investigating accidents? A state lawmaker in New Jersey has proposed a bill to allow law enforcement to confiscate a phone if they have "reasonable grounds" to believe it contributed to a crash.

Udi Ofer of New Jersey's American Civil Liberties Union says this is not a good idea.

"This bill would side-step basic and long held constitutional protection.”

Fourth Amendment rights against unreasonable search and seizure, for instance. But in New Jersey alone in 2011, highway safety organizations estimate there were nearly 2,000 accidents caused by handheld devices.

Click on the audio player above to hear more about how you can take steps in your own life to limit distractions while driving.

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So distracted driving with "Hands Free" technology isn't better than distracted driving while adjusting music/stations/food items or having an animated conversation with your passenger(s) or trying to calm a tired/rashed/mad infant in the car seat. Hmm... I have to plead guilty regarding distracted driving, but I'd vote against police confiscation, now parental confiscation is another matter.

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