Kevin Roose tries living surveillance-free for a day

Kevin Roose wearing "a funny-looking hat with small lightbulbs in it that will protect me from being caught on camera."

Say what you will about Edward Snowden, but the fact of the matter is that we now know a bit more about exactly how much privacy we have. Not as much as we thought a month and a half ago.

But if you don't like that answer and wanted to disappear off the grid -- but not drop out of daily life -- could you? And if so, what would you have to do?

New York Magazine writer Kevin Roose spent a day trying to live completely surveillance-free.

Roose said that if his goal was to avoid all surveillance, he definitely failed.  “I don’t think it’s possible to live a modern life and not be surveilled. Even if you surveillance-proof all your gadgets, some satellite is going to be able to find you,” said Roose.

Roose says the moral of his “surveillance-free” experiment is that every new technological tool that sends and receives data about us comes at a cost.  “With each new thing that we adopt into our lives we’re giving something up,” said Roose. “And that’s real.”

Read Kevin Roose's piece here.

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