Instagram promises ads will fit 'Instagram aesthetic' -- whatever that is

The Instagram logo is displayed on a smartphone

Instagram of the new Instagram ads using the Amaro filter.

Starting this week Instagram users will see ads in their photo feeds. But for all you sensitive artistic types, don’t worry. Instagram promises the ads will be creative, fit the instagram aesthetic,  and fit right into your feed.

If you're wondering what the Instagram aesthetic is, think about this: if your life got a makeover, Instagram would be the after picture.

"Because it is a romanticized picture of what your life is," says Jonah Berger, author of "Contagious, Why Things Catch On."  "The cool places we’ve been, the famous people we might have met, or the exciting times we had with our friends. Without all the bad stuff, without all the boring stuff."

But Clark Fredricksen, vice president of E-Marketer, a digital marketing research firm says advertisers don’t care if you got a new haircut or used the Sierra filter on your photo.

"I don’t think advertisers are trying to cash in on Instagram because of the aesthetic," he said. "I think that advertisers are really interested in Instagram because it’s a huge platform with a lot of very valuable audience members for their brand."

Jonah Berger says brands will have to figure out how what their version of the Instagram aesthetic is, if their campaigns are going to work in the space. You could say advertisers are going to have to get back to basics, using photo ads, which are all about image.

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Sally Herships is a regular contributor to Marketplace.

Instagram of the new Instagram ads using the Amaro filter.


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