Google's moonshot factory: A look inside the Google X Lab

Attendees work on laptops during the Google I/O developers conference at the Moscone Center on May 15, 2013 in San Francisco, California.

Until recently, Google's X Lab was kind of a secret compound, or at least a place that wasn't broadcasting it's tech experiments to the public. Google Glass, the company's web streaming spectacles, was born there.

The Bay Area facility was recently visited by Bloomberg Businessweek editor Josh Tyrangiel. He says the labs are a place where scientists can think big ideas, with a lot of freedom.

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Apologies! You're right. I spaced on the name. William Teller. Not sure where that came from.

Josh Tyrangiel has his history wrong. Edward Teller, not William Teller, worked on the Manhattan project. Further, he did not run it. The project was under the direction of US Army Major Gen. Leslie Groves. Groves brought in Robert Oppenheimer to head up the research section, and Oppenheimer in turn recruited a team of top scientists, many of whom were his former students. Teller was part of that team.

@mikeinvancouver -- Agreed! I couldn't believe my ears this A.M. on hearing Teller "ran the Manhattan project???" Then it took a long time before the story was posted allowing comments to be posted. It would be nice if they correct this piece of myth-story in a near future tech report.

MikeInVancouver is right, Josh Tyrangiel had his mouth on autopilot and mixed up Edward Teller with William Tell! Edward Teller was one of the people who ran the project that developed the hydrogen bomb.

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