Former NSA chief finds out what it's like to be spied on

Michael Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency

It's got all the ingredients of a political thriller movie. Two men sit on a train. One man, former political activist Tom Matzzie. Another, former head of the National Security Agency Michael Hayden. Hayden is giving anonymous quotes and off-the-record phone interviews to reporters about the country's spying habits. And Matzzie, the former Washington director of MoveOn.org, is about to be famous... for tweeting about it. This all started on a northbound Amtrak Acela express train yesterday. When Matzzie peered behind him to check on a familiar voice...

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So ... wait a minute ... Matzzie says Mr. Haden was gossiping. And what does Matzzie term what he was doing (since he claimed not to be a reporter)? A bit of double standard here.

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