Does the term 'bubble' come to mind?

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Kai Ryssdal: This final note ...

We did an interview the other day after news broke that Microsoft had bought a stake in Facebook -- $240 million for a percent and a half, which values the social-networking site at a staggering $15 billion. Kind of leaves Rupert Murdoch's $550 million for MySpace looking like a bargain.

There's a conference today up in San Francisco for Facebook programmers -- Facebook only, by the way. Folks that build widgets that go inside social-networking pages. Gerardo Cappiel was there. He's the founder of a startup called Gydget. We called him just to check on the mood, to see how people are feeling about dot-coms today.

Gerardo Cappiel: The level of excitement reminds me a lot of the level of excitement that there was back in 1996, 1997.

Yeah, if you're thinking bubble, that's exactly what crossed our minds, too.

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