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    Thomas Bender (L) and Jacob Bakkila performing at the Fitzroy Gallery in New York.

    - Eliza Mills / Marketplace

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    The art installation sign.

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    - Eliza Mills / Marketplace

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    Thomas Bender (L) and Jacob Bakkila performing.

    - Eliza Mills / Marketplace

The Twitter feed @horse_ebooks has attracted 214,000 followers over the last four years through what some might call nonsensical tweets.

“I think it depends how you look at it. I think some people have arguably found more meaning in it than human’s tweets,” says Thomas Bender, one of the actual people behind @horse_ebooks.

He and co-creator, Jacob Bakkila unveiled a gallery performance related to the Twitter handle today.

They tweeted the name of the show:

And then a phone number.

The number connects to one of three phones at the Fitzroy Gallery in New York city where Bender and Bakkila answer and give a short non-sequitur before hanging up.

“If you saw it, or observed it casually without looking closely, it could pass for a real business. And we like this concept of business art and performing through businesses,” explains Bender.

The text they’re reading comes from self-help books and includes lines like:

Post interview.

Banana nut cake.

Garage and business plan.

Quicker recovery time from injuries.

Bender says, “These fragments might be more valuable than the actual self help books they’ve been taken from.”

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