A Warmer World

A giant mushroom cloud of steam and ash explodes out of the Mount Pinatubo volcano in the Philippines in 1991.
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Two Overdiepse polder farmers, Stan Fleereckers and Sjaak Broekmans, in the backyard of Sjaak's farmhouse. Stan points to the farmhouse's location on a map. In a few years, everything on the map between the two forks of the river will be allowed to occasionally flood. Sjaak's farm will be demolished and rebuilt atop a "terp."  Stan, on the other hand, doesn't plan to keep farming the polder. He worries pollutants in the floodwater could contaminate Overdiepse's grazing land.
Rico Gagliano

Another view of Plan B

Dennis M. Bushnell

Seeing opportunity in rising oceans

Carl Hodges holds a salicornia plant. Salicornia packs as much high-quality vegetable oil per acre as soybeans, making it an ideal biofuel crop.
Sam Eaton