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OPEC and the oil crisis

Jul 18, 2008
Host Kai Ryssdal, who's been talking to experts about oil this week, speaks today with oil analyst Ruchir Kadakia about OPEC's standing in the oil world these days.
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Anything in the pipeline for Russian oil?

Jul 17, 2008
You may not hear a lot about it, but Russia is second only to Saudi Arabia in oil production. And, as Russia analyst Nicholas Redman tells Kai Ryssdal, it may have a greater potential for growth.
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Nigeria a valued but risky oil source

Jul 16, 2008
In his continuing series of interviews on oil prices, host Kai Ryssdal talks with Fareed Mohamedi of PFC Energy about how Nigeria's production of about 2 million barrels of crude a day affects what we pay at the gas pump.
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Venezuela squandered oil opportunities

Jul 16, 2008
Taking another look at the oil industry's affect on price hikes, host Kai Ryssdal discusses the problems President Hugo Chavez has caused for Venezuela's once impressive oil companies.
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Iran's oil insecurity runs deep

Jul 15, 2008
This week host Kai Ryssdal explores what's up with the oil market other than prices. Today he talks to George Joffe at Cambridge University about the world's fourth largest oil exporter -- Iran.

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