Talk about strange bedfellows: Dow Chemical & Greenpeace on cap and trade

We've had Dow Chemical in the Greenwash Brigade's crosshairs in the past, so climate change skeptics chew on this: Greenpeace AND Dow Chemical are BOTH calling for action to combat global climate change. Greenpeace activists scaled Mount Rushmore on July 8th calling for President Obama to show leadership. That's hardly surprising.

(Here's a picture of the unfurled banner, via solveclimate.com:)

But the next day Rich Wells, the VP of Energy at Dow Chemical also encouraged congress to pass a cap and trade program to fight climate change, stating, "We believe the cost of inaction will far exceed the cost of comprehensive, far-ranging and expeditious action today." Wells rightly expects that taking action can be good for the environment AND business.

Dow Chemical AND Greenpeace calling for action? It's time to wake up, climate change skeptics. You're as relevant as the Flat Earth Society.

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If this is about calls for waking up, then it's time to wake up to regulations. Large established megacorps like Dow long ago realized they can use regulations to limit competition. This has nothing to do with the scientific debate over how the earth's climate functions but Dow using the government to keep others out of its markets.

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