Take the stairs

Let's be up front: Taking the stairs instead of an elevator doesn't save much energy. If you take two flights of stairs every day at work, you're saving about 72 kilowatts of energy each of those days -- which equals about 90 cents a year in energy costs. So why do I always take the stairs? First, it's still a green thing to do. Any energy saved is good for the environment. And because elevators run on electricity, taking an elevator might require the mining of uranium or fossil fuel, the operation of a nuclear or fossil fuel plant, transmission to your elevator, and the emission of greenhouse gases. And second...it's a lot better for you. Your head as well as your body. For more tips, check here.

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Is that kilowatt calculation taken as if the elevator was on the first floor and you just step in? What if you summon the elevator from the fifth, or ninth floor, to the first, just to go to the third floor? How many kilowatts there in total?

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