Pee in the shower!

In Brazil there's a movement afoot encouraging households to pee in the shower. They say it can reduce your water consumption by the equivalent of one flush a day, or more than a thousand gallons of water each year.

What else is there to say, really? It saves water. And for your enjoyment--one of my favorite enviro-videos ever. The television ad campaign:

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Urine is also filled with nutrients. One might be better off peeing on the roses (or preferably a drought tolerant plant!)

If you think your urine is diseased your sick.

I guess we should be worried about water consumption more than spreading disease.

They forgot to mention that you need to be multitasking while you pee otherwise you are just taking a longer shower and wasting the energy used to heat your shower water. Unless I am missing something this does not seem like a well thought out plan.

I can pee & wash myself in shower simultaneously. I suspect most people can.

The Straight Dope says urine isn't a good cure for athlete's foot (sorry to contradict Madonna)--but:

"Urine therapy in various forms has been around since time immemorial. As I've discussed before, the stuff is usually pretty sterile and in most cases harmless. Gross though it may sound to normal folk, the oft-cited practice of irrigating battlefield wounds with urine isn't completely stupid - if the other options are using water of dubious sterility or letting things fester, what the hell. The question is whether it makes any sense if you've got a choice of antibacterial or antifungal agents. Instinctive answer: Of course not, nitwit. Diplomatic answer: OK, delete the nitwit part. But Josh, honey bunny, the answer is still no."

More here: http://www.straightdope.com/columns/read/2700/can-urinating-on-your-feet...

How does peeing in the shower save more water than peeing in the toilet without flushing (until necessary)?

My motto: "If it's yellow, let it 'mellow'. If it's brown, flush it down."

Christopher is that really your motto? Are you actually millions of dorms and hippie households rather than human?

Not only is urine sterile, Madonna says it helps fight Athlete's Foot!


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