Harvest usable components from devices and redeploy them

Do you want to stop taking the notion of living in a throwaway society to its worst conclusion? You can revive electronic roadkill in a number of ways.

Tom Arey gives great examples of ways to reuse cellphone, calculator, and CD components. And if you can't find anything good on TV, look for good stuff in a TV.

When more of us begin to see otherwise useless electronics as more of a dumpster cornucopia, ripe with DIY possibilities, we'll be even closer to living as a sustainable community.

This holiday season could also be a great time to learn how to fix up a castoff bike and give it away. A general rule of thumb suggests the parts from two or three disposed bikes can make for one good one that can be shown off as a great way to live sustainably.

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Matt Berger is the former Digital Director at Marketplace.


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