Abandoning orange juice

Cartons of Tropicana orange juice lie in a grocery store in Niles, Ill.

Has the U.S. abandoned orange juice? Quartz reporter Roberto Ferdman reported that we are drinking 40 percent less orange juice. Orange juice sales last year were at their lowest level in more than a decade. Ferdman writes:

Orange juice’s precipitous decline is a big deal. For nearly five decades, the sweet beverage made its way onto more and more American breakfast tables nearly every year. At its height, almost three-quarters of American households bought and kept orange juice in their refrigerator, according to Alissa Hamilton 2009′s book Squeezed: What You Don’t Know About Orange Juice. But shifting American eating habits—which stigmatize sugar and leave little time for breakfast—and surging juice prices have done significant damage to American demand.

Ferdman also writes that orange juice is getting more expensive.

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