Small business hurricane plans

SCOTT JAGOW: Today marks the official start of hurricane season. We've heard plenty about what folks in storm-prone areas are doing to get ready. But how about businesses? Here's Alex Cohen.

ALEX COHEN: Making plans for what to do in the event of a disaster may sound daunting, but there are several simple and inexpensive steps to make sure businesses can weather any storm.

Jon Toigo is author of a number of books on disaster recovery planning. He advises protecting one of the most irreplaceable assets of any company: data.
JON TOIGO: If you're a small company, you're talking about possibly being able to do an entire back-up of all the critical data for your company on a single $1 piece of CD or DVD media. It needs to be done.

Here's another tip: Have employees rehearse what to do during and after things like a hurricane, fire or earthquake so they know exactly what to do if a real disaster strikes.

I'm Alex Cohen for Marketplace.


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