Wisconsin lawmakers agree on one thing

And this final note. Lawmakers in Wisconsin continued their stalemate over budget cuts today. They're now in week two of protests over a plan to strip public employees of their collective bargaining rights in an effort to deal with a $137 million shortfall. But Republicans vowed to proceed with at least a few legislative items despite the impasse.

If there's one thing they can all agree on, apparently, it's that the Green Bay Packers are awesome, and therefore deserving of an official commendation for winning the Super Bowl. Just don't ask for their thoughts on the value of collective bargaining in football.

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This final note stands as an example of lazy and irresponsible journalism. While the Wisconsin Republican governor claims that stripping unions of their collective bargaining rights is a means to deal with the state's budget issues, he has given tax breaks to businesses as well as to the wealthiest residents of his great state. Moreover, the Green Bay Packers have supported these workers, and this little ditty, which fails to mention that fact, completely trivilizes this important stance.

Wisconsin's public workers have already agreed to concessions to ease the state's budget woes (something we cannot say for business or the wealthy). The governor has refused to consider. As such, we have a situation of good old-fashioned union busting. Responsible media outlets pointed out these facts and offered rigorous analysis days ago. To simply parrot the most banal and inaccurate facets relating to this complex story is at best sloppy. At worst, it reveals Marketplace's sympathies with anti-labor forces that are bent on taking away the rights of American workers.

your final note was not good journalism. Republicans are not trying to "strip" all collective bargaining rights- just the rights over the underfunded pension and health plans

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