What you're saying about high gas prices

This final note today, just a bit more on gas prices to end where we started: who's to blame is a moderately hot topic of conversation these days.

So we went out and asked some people what they thought.

I just believe it's part of the cartel.

I guess we could be all riding bikes, but that's only practical to a certain point. And we're driving the market, so they're controlling it.

I blame many past presidencies for not looking at our standards of fuel efficiency.

I'm sure it has to do with what's going on over in Libya and other places where we get our oil supply from.

For it to climb, you know, 20 cents overnight or something, that seems a little unusual. Almost like the gas stations are sort of just doing it and making money off of us, because they know we all need to fill up our gas tank.

That was Jeff Romo and Sarah Worley in Portland, Ore., Matt Donohue of Durham, N.C., and Paul Kress and Jenny Meredith from Alexandria, Va.

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What we all need to understand is that the people we elect are apparently perfectly happy to see us struggling to afford to live. They are the ones who could do something about the prices by regulation, funding for alternative energy, demanding fuel efficiency by design, etc. The oil companies are making record profits and the consumers are suffering. Only the politicians can balance the scales.

Not one of them mentioned Federal Reserve?

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