Snow in N.C. gives the gift of a refund

A White Christmas in Wilmington, N.C., is about to turn into green for customers who did their holiday shopping at a local jewelry store. The owner of Perry's Emporium promised refunds for everything bought at his store between November 26th and December 11th -- if more than three inches of snow fell on Christmas Day.

Well, the area was blanketed by more than six inches, so customers will get their money back. Alan Perry figures the total payout will be around $400,000. He says he paid for an insurance policy that will cover the refunds.

And now he's thinking about betting on how much snow will fall on Valentine's Day.

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Bob Moon is Marketplace’s senior business correspondent, based in Los Angeles.
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This old varmint will probably weasel out once
the insurance company finds a way not to pay up!!


Heard this story last night but this morning Marketplace said it was in Asheville, NC (where it would have been a better bet that there would be snow). So, where is Perry's Emporium? Wilmington, NC (which I believe is correct) or Asheville, NC.

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