POLL: What new fees could air passengers see in 2011?

Passengers have become accustomed to additional airline fees. The modern traveler doesn't blink an eye at a $25 checked-baggage fee, or an $8 in-flight snack pack replacing an in-flight meal. But will we be willing to pay a fee to check-in with an airline employee? Or to hold an infant?

George Hobica, founder of airfarewatchdog.com predicts higher fuel costs could lead to more airline fees this year. The model works: U.S. airlines collected more than $6 billion from such fees in the first nine months of 2010, according to federal statistics.

Hobica created a list of potential fees U.S. airlines could implement in 2011. While some may seem far-fetched, Hobica says some of the fees have already been imposed in the U.S. or Europe.

So what fee do you think air passengers are mostly likely to pay?

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A fee processing fee. All those fees cost money to process and with the proliferation of fees the cost to process them has risen substantially, so the airlines will now begin charging fee processing fees.

Charge $5 to use the airplane bathroom.

If someone can't hold it in and doesn't use the bathroom, charge an additional $200 fine.

Actually, I think RyanAir already has that fee. No kidding.

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