A pack of cigarettes in New York City now costs $11

Where there's smoke, there's taxes -- especially for New Yorkers. In an emergency budget move officials say will generate $440 million in revenue, the state legislature just passed a bill that gives New York the highest cigarette taxes in the country. Starting July 1, every pack sold in the state will cost an extra $1.60, raising the total state tax to $4.35 and pushing the average cost of a pack up to $9.20. For New York City residents, the cost of a pack will now come out to close to $11 -- a $2 rise from just over a year ago.



The state will also start making attempts to collect taxes from cigarettes sold on Indian reservations, a controversial move which could encourage more Native American groups to manufacture their own brands of tax-free cigarettes.

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The $440 million in revenue will benefit health care programs, AIDS drugs subsidies, tobacco cessation programs and $71.6 million will go to the state cancer research center in Buffalo. Supporters also laud the health benefits, saying it will reduce the number of smokers by tens of thousands of people.

Native American tribes of New York consider the collection plan highly volatile. Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder Sr. J.C. Seneca is calling the move "a deliberate effort to sabotage our federal treaty rights." J.C. Seneca, another Seneca leader, says it represents "an act of war" between the state and Indian tribes. New York has been trying to collect cigarette taxes from Native American tribes since the early 1990s.

New Yorkers who refuse to quit smoking can expect heavy long-term costs. Under current taxes, a smoking habit can cost a New York City resident up to $6,000 over two years.

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Yeah....and how about an ALCOHOL tax???????

screw the indians there should only be americans everyone needs to chip in.

This is news? Like, who in Houston cares about the price of cigarettes in NYC? Does anyone even care about the price in Houston. I know I don't, but I gave up smoking nearly 50 years ago. Maybe the tobacco industry can find a Texas congressman to apologize for the "shakedown" by the NY lege.

and who in NYC cares what you care about?

It's news to me. You are not the only person in the world. just because you quit 50 years ago.
" This is news? I quit 50 years ago." I am from Tennessee. I actually found this NEWS by looking for NY cigarette prices.

I agree. I quit 13 years ago and ended up on this webpage by looking up how much the average pack of cigerettes cost per state in 2011.

I'd love to see marketplace followup in 1 year and see if the tax increase really generated $440M in new revenue. My bet is much less.

just think about how much money would be made if you had just ten smokers who all went thru a pack a day....@ about $11...everyday of the year(365)...thats just over 40 thou.With only 10 heavy smokers of AMERICA.The make so much money off of ppl who smoke.We are paying so much for a government that cant even secure and run our economy.

Well said Gary. It is a world-wide phenomenon to increase prices on cigarette every year. NYC is simply the market leader in this space.

That "..it is to encourage smokers to quit is a lame excuse". There has never been a study of cig sales going down because of increased prices. This is simply an easier means to collect taxes without a public outcry.

You think it will stop at cigarettes ?? lol..no way in the world..once cigarettes ha been through the wringer..ALCOHOL / FOOD etc etc..

They are not illegal for stuff sake ..but smokers are treated like they are..why are the taxes off the cigarettes not put into ways to help the smoker give up??


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