A pack of cigarettes in New York City now costs $11

Where there's smoke, there's taxes -- especially for New Yorkers. In an emergency budget move officials say will generate $440 million in revenue, the state legislature just passed a bill that gives New York the highest cigarette taxes in the country. Starting July 1, every pack sold in the state will cost an extra $1.60, raising the total state tax to $4.35 and pushing the average cost of a pack up to $9.20. For New York City residents, the cost of a pack will now come out to close to $11 -- a $2 rise from just over a year ago.



The state will also start making attempts to collect taxes from cigarettes sold on Indian reservations, a controversial move which could encourage more Native American groups to manufacture their own brands of tax-free cigarettes.

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The $440 million in revenue will benefit health care programs, AIDS drugs subsidies, tobacco cessation programs and $71.6 million will go to the state cancer research center in Buffalo. Supporters also laud the health benefits, saying it will reduce the number of smokers by tens of thousands of people.

Native American tribes of New York consider the collection plan highly volatile. Seneca Nation President Barry Snyder Sr. J.C. Seneca is calling the move "a deliberate effort to sabotage our federal treaty rights." J.C. Seneca, another Seneca leader, says it represents "an act of war" between the state and Indian tribes. New York has been trying to collect cigarette taxes from Native American tribes since the early 1990s.

New Yorkers who refuse to quit smoking can expect heavy long-term costs. Under current taxes, a smoking habit can cost a New York City resident up to $6,000 over two years.

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I'm glad I quit smoking in 1978. Cigarettes cost 55 cents a pack then and I knew it was better to LIVE than to DIE.

Corrupt American greed at it's finest.

Ya this is really good. The goverments can't get enough money no matter what they do. We are 80 zillion dollars in debt and ya think they care about your health. Yes let me tax you smokers and I will put the mmoney to good use like a very fancy car or expensive hotels while I am out of town doing some offical business. I don't mind sharing my money but give me a break.

why not put the revenue towards Copd and cancer since these diesease come from the tobacco companies anyway.

I agree - this society is the most ANTI-smoking in human history.
I live in Texas and a pack of smokes cost anywhere from $4,49 ('special introductory price') to $6,69 a pack.
I smoked for 20 years, pack and a half a day.
Until 2 weeks ago - now I 'vape' e-cigarettes.
A lot cheaper and only State Sales Tax.
I'm already feeling much better, and can smell and taste again! It's great.
So your silly-ass ciggie taxes won't affect MY wallet.
Just sayin'

You can say what you feel like about those who smoke, I am a smoker, and have been for 55 years, have no ill effects as of now at 69.I know and have read all the comments from those that have lost a reletive or friend from tobacco use, but howabout alcohol or odeasithy, both just as bad. I love my smokes, but I would give them up in HEART BEAT if we all did it on the same day.Instead of a smoke out this year we should all have a drop the habit. I would get one hellava kick out of the impact this would have on the Nation as a whole. They say all their taxes go to help causes related to tobbaco, Bull Shit, Most of it goes to those who get paid to direct the funds. N Y C now charges $11.00 a pack, with all their taxes to enckude a sin tax, he cost of a pack of smokes from the factory is $2.28 a pack, the whole seller add's a $1.00 to $1.25 to the price, before the retailer gets it, now lets say retailers in NYC pay say after they add there proffitt to it gets around $5.00 for the pack, then city gets around $6.00 more or less in revenue, now lets say there are one milliom smokere that buy one to two a day, thats about five to six million per day, now that's quite some imcome, no smokers, well now where you get the money to fund your projects, and how many adminstrators will loose their jobs, TOO BAD and I don't care.

It is interesting how smokers are on here bragging about how cheap it is for them to by a pack of cigarettes in their states. What you fail to realize if once you lungs give up you'll be coming to us for treatment.

State Officials think that insane high prices will encourage more smokers to quit smoking. However, I think that people who want to smoke will not quit so easy and will find another way for to buy cheaper cigs. And in this way will appear more contraband smoking brands.

I'm often extremely proud that my only true vice doesn't cost a thing.


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