Oh no! ABC says bye to 'Children,' ends 'Life'

This final note today, in which Susan Lucci loses her job. Yes, it's true.

Today, ABC canceled two of the three soap operas it still has on the air -- "All My Children" and "One Life to Live."

Lucci made a career of playing Erica Kane on "All My Children." The cancellations are pretty much all economics. "All My Children" averages about two and a half million viewers a day. Nice, but down 9 percent from last season.

Median age of a typical viewer? And this is the real signal -- nearly 57.

I wonder if I'm the only person out there who arranged their class schedule in college to be back in time for the soaps? Let us know, leave a comment.

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My twin brother and I got "hooked" on Days of Our Lives one summer when uncharacteristically rainy weather greatly impacted our construction jobs. When we registered for our college classes that fall we made sure to block off that time; scheduling 101.

I absolutely arranged my college schedule to catch "my" soap. But my soap happened to be General Hospital, another ABC property, if I'm correct. And ya know, while I don't watch it anymore (don't even have a T.V.), on the rare occassion when I do see an episode--say, on the T.V. at the gym--I'm always amazed at how easy it is to catch right back up with the characters and the drama. We smarty-pants may look down our noses at the soaps, but there really is a genuine art to writing those things. Fun stuff.

Oh No :( First Guilding Light, then As the World the Wold Turns, now these two ABC soaps. My world is crumbling around me!!! I started watching soaps with my mom as a kid, got my lil bro watching when we were in high school & now in my mid-30's I watch every weeknight. My mom even has my dad watching soaps. They will be missed.

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