An itemized list of what your taxes pay for

This final note today, toward a more consumer friendly Internal Revenue Service, perhaps The left-leaning think tank Third Way has a new policy paper out. It says we ought to get a receipt from the government when we pay our taxes.

You go to the store, you get an itemized receipt for eggs and toilet paper and whatnot , right? Third Way has mocked up the receipt for a person making about $35,000 a year. Among the specifics: $229 to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, $1,040 for Social Security.

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At one time the government printed a percentage pie graph on the cover of the 1040 tax booklet which showed where it spent our tax dollars. I think when defense got to be a bigger than ever expense this was stopped. I am sure a whole segment on this topic would be of interest to your listeners. I know I have been wondering where the money goes for some time.

Thanks for the info.

I also remember that pie chart, and I agree with you completely that it might have been eliminated during the Reagan/Bush 41 arms buildup.

I remember this too, and I didn't file taxes until 96, so it survived a bit longer than Bush 41.

Alas, I'ven't used paper tax forms in a long long time, so I don't know if its on the paper instruction booklet anymore.

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