Why not woo the masses to mass transit?

David Lazarus

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Steve Chiotakis was the host of Marketplace Morning Report until January 2012.
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Is Lazarus from LA OR SFO (as the photo caption indicates)?

I've traveled on both cities systems: San Francisco rates a 95% grade while Los Angeles is holding at 50%.

San Francisco doesn't need Wi-Fi and
some homeless recycler would steal your computer if the LA buses had W-Fi.

I'l bet Lazarus rides the bus, at most, once a calendar quarter.

What any system needs are schedles that it can maintain sot that a two hour trip doesn't turn in five hours, relatively clean vehicles and drivers who are not rude and can drive smoothly and pull up near the curb.

David, talk to us again, after you have logger one year of a multiple bus daily commute.

You will not stick it out.

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