We want your tax limericks!

St. Patrick's Day is approaching and so is tax time. So we're holding a limerick contest. Send us your tax-related limericks.

Calling all poets! Tax time is almost here and St. Patrick's Day is even nearer (don't forget to wear green). So we thought we'd combine the two and hold a limerick contest!

We've invited the king of the money limerick, Dr. Goose, to join us next week and help us judge this year's submissions. So send us your limericks about taxes. You can do that by clicking here or send your submissions to our Facebook page.

If you remember, we asked for your limericks about the debt ceiling crisis last year and had a fun time reading them. We received some really great and creative submissions. You can check those out here. And check out our interview with Dr. Goose himself on those debt crisis limericks -- click here.

Looking forward to what we get this year. Thanks for helping us out!

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The first line traditionally introduces a person and a place, with the place appearing at the end of the first line and establishing the rhyme scheme for the second and fifth lines. In early limericks, the last line was often essentially a repeat of the first line, although this is no longer customary. Thanks.
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My taxes are getting outrageous
High prices are getting contagious
Don't know what to think
I need a good drink
'cause very soon all this will age us.

A levy on income’s not tax.
It’s a cancer on requisite acts.
If you wait till folks spend
On the luxury end,
You can surgically excise the max.

My taxes are driving me crazy
the tax code is really too hazy
why waste my time
to squeeze every dime
I'd rather lie down and be lazy!

My taxes are something I hate
the tax code just makes me irate
why mess so much
with deductions and such
a flat tax would be really great!

My taxes deserve to be dead
then I would be rid of this dread
they are such a farce
a pain in the arse
I think I'll go dancing instead!

Taxes and taxes and taxes,
To cut them takes more than axes.
But to protect our country
and to feed the hungry
What politician can say he relaxes?

St. (Super) PACtrick's Day:

It's hard to feel Irish this year,
Got no 'green stuff' as tax time draws near.
But the rich can relax-
They'll have minimum tax,
With spare loot to buy Newt and green beer.

There once was a man named Grover
Who declared tax increases are over
When Republicans signed
Without budgets in mind
Makes one wonder how many were sober

One's financial worry relaxes
When one's bank acount balance, it waxes.
But it's best not to cheer --
Franklin's ghost you might hear:
"Nothing's certain except death and taxes".

Taxes have been part of our history
The April due date is no mystery
Yet it happens each year
That we shudder with fear
And dream of a refund so wistfully


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