We asked you to name our conference rooms and the winner is...

An outside view of the Large Conference Room at Marketplace.

Marketplace spoke with AdAge writer Rupal Parekh this week about companies that are spending a lot of time choosing the perfect names of their conference rooms, names that reflect their corporate culture.

We wanted to get in on the fun, and asked you what Marketplace should name its two main meeting rooms, currently brilliantly named "The Large Conference Room" and "The Small Conference Room."

And boy, did you weigh in -- we received a ton of great suggestions, hundreds of them, in fact.

We'll start with some close runners-up:
  • Keynes/Hayek
  • Bernanke/Greenspan
  • Bubble/Bust
Just for fun, here are some other...notable...suggestions:
  • "No words - just a picture of the front of Kai and one of the back of Kai"
  • "Robert Reich's closet and Nancy Marshall Genzer's dressing room"
  • "Birther/Truther"
  • "Red Pants/No Pants"
  • "Kai Roomdal"

We read 'em all, but the finalists we asked you to vote on were:
  • Wall St./Main St.
  • Bull/Bear
  • Macro/Micro
  • Dollars/Cents
  • Supply/Demand
  • The Dubin (composer of "We're in the Money") / the Arlen (composer of "Stormy Weather")
  • Bacon/Sausage

And the winner is...

Thanks to Facebook fan K Emerson Beyer for the suggestion! And thanks to everyone else for participating -- it was fun!

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Kudos to Marketplace for honoring songwriters in a world that usually only thinks about artists. But here comes the nitpicking -- as a music licensing professional, I need to point out that each of these songs actually were co-authored, and Dubin may not have been the right choice for WE'RE IN THE MONEY. Here's why:

STORMY WEATHER: Music: Harold Arlen, Lyrics: Ted Koehler
WE'RE IN THE MONEY: Music: Harry Warren, Lyrics: Al Dubin

The owners of theses songs will tell you that you never pick one writer over another - both should always be credited, but since we only hear the melodies on the show, the rooms probably should have been named Arlen (who also wrote THE WIZARD OF OZ) and Warren (also no slouch - he wrote 42nd STREET, LULLABY OF BROADWAY, CHATTANOOGA CHOO CHOO and many more!).

Keep up the good work!

My submission tweeted @ 2:35 PM - 8 May 13 (bearing in mind I'm in Los Angeles) was:

1. El Toro (The Bull)

2. El Oso (The Bear)

...close, but no cigar...

Thanks for the opportunity!

Sorry I missed the official deadline, but I have to add the following to the mix:

* Glass Steagel/Volcker Rule

* Liboritory/Ebitda

and a drumroll please


conference room names

$ and ¢

"too big" (to fail) and "too small" to fail

I know it's too late for suggestions probably, but you should consider "Sequestration" and "Fiscal Cliff". That should help limit meetings because everybody is sick of those two.

Come on now, guys. This is Marketplace, after all. You do the numbers every day. It's a no-brainer. You've got a big room and a small room.

They've got to be Standard and Poor.

"Mutt and Jeff." That's really my favorite set.

If I can't talk you into that, how about "Fred and Ethel" or, if you can't get into the 'Ethel' part, there's always "Fred and Wilma" or some such.

The Bull Pen (for large conference room)
The Bear's Lair (for small conference room)
...the Pen and The Lair for short.

Know its too late but I always wanted to name conference rooms after Get Smart artifacts - how about Control and Kaos?


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