Vioxx payouts may not be enough

A pharmacist holds up a bottle of the arthritis drug Vioxx.


Scott Jagow: For awhile, it looked like we would see a hundred years of Vioxx trials. But last year, drug company Merck settled the lawsuits over it's the painkiller for $4.8 billion. This week, that money starts going to the victims. Dan Grech reports.

Dan Grech: More than 97 percent of people who sued Merck agreed to the settlement. That's nearly 50,000 people. Individual payouts will range from $5,000 to several million dollars. Still, many claimants say it's not enough.

Al Pennington is a retired TV broadcaster who had a heart attack after taking Vioxx:

Al Pennington: When they see that $4.85 billion figure, the public thinks, wow, those people are going to be rich. But then a lawyer takes 35-40 percent, the plaintiff is left with very little.

Pennington says his check will barely cover the prescription drugs he now takes for his weakened heart.

Claimants will start receiving their checks in a few weeks. That doesn't mean Merck's troubles are over. The company still faces hundreds of potential lawsuits.

I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.

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Dennis Harrison

So, has anyone gotten a check yet? anyone heard from their lawyers if/when they will? anyone have any current info?

All the claimants need to contact the Congressmen, Remind them. in 1962 Congress amended the Public Law FDA & FDCA Act and omitted any remedy for an individual that is killed or injured by a defective prescription drug. No Federal Law or State Laws. Congress preempted the Law and place a shield of protection for Prescription drug manufacturing and left the public at risk. NO LAW, Federal or State can prosecute for killing or torturing or damaging a person. Merck and others can be stopped and made accountable by filing a CIVIL RICO with Criminal elements. Racketeering, Influence Corrupt organization fits Merck like a glove. Mass Murder of 88,000 and damaged 169,000 with stokes and heart attacks. The RICO ACT, Title 18 & 28

WOW! 60,000 people will be paid? seems a bit high as there's only about 45,000 in the suit. I think someone got the wrong info? I haven't received a check regardless, and haven't heard anything from anyone(Merck/Lawyers), and I doubt I/we will. I'm quite sure they're obligated to pay, how much? we'll never know. Some folks may get more than others. I doubt anyone here has received a dime yet, if they have,m please let us all know, and how much?(truthfully, dont bullshit).

By Judge Joseph Guillory
My wife has had a heart attack and a stroke from vioxx in 2002 I as a Judge have always given the defedant complete due process in my court room. in the case of merck, due process has failed the judicial system that would stagger
anybody's mind what ever happen to our
country that due process no longer applies?

Jan Lyons, Your case is like many of the others. Product Liability, I took vioxx samples given to me by my family doctor. The samples I have has no warnings on the package, Merck did not put warnings on the packages until 2001, after many of the people had taken vioxx and was killed or damaged. This was ordered by the FDA after warning letters went out to Merck. It was 14 months after they put Vioxx on the market did they put a warning about heart attacks and strokes. They played a game of now you see it and now you don't. If your case went to court or if you are on hold for the settlement. that does not mean anything. What matters is: There is NO LAW federal or state Law that can provide a remedy for a injury caused by a defective prescription drug. Merck is Untouchable when it comes to TORT action, Only a RICO Complaint can obtain a criminal prosectution and only then can anyone collect damages. RICO ACT fits Merck like a glove.

Man I just checked out the UTUBE on the FDA and wow it does not look good for any of us. They are on drugs there self I think and not the good ones. But back to vIOXX I sure hope Merck gets what is coming to them for the harm they have done to so many that trusted them

Al Pennington, I guess you think that Merck is worried about the law suits. I don't think so. First all those law suits are filed in product liability class actions and there is NO LAW for any remedy for an individual injured or killed by a defective prescription drug, such as Vioxx.NO Federal Law and NO State Law that can prosecute for damages in Product Liability cases for prescription drugs. Congress Preempted the Law in 1962 wnen they amended the FDA and FDCA ACT Public Law, they omitted a remedy for prescription drugs. look it up. Judge Fallon explains in Gomez v. Merck case filed and posted on the Web. The only way Merck will be worried if the RICO Case is filed in the Courts. It is an ACT of CONGRESS. Racketeering influenced corrupt Organization, fits Merck & Co. Inc. like a glove. This is the LAW for high crimes and misdemeanors, Murder and Fraud and Racketeering, with bribe throun in for good measure. I know I filed a Civil RICO Complaint with criminal elements, Merck thinks they can do no wrong. but the forgot about the RICO Act.

Jimmy Lacy, The reason your case was dismissed is there is NO LAW for Porduct Liability injury caused by a Prescription drug. Judges know this and can not rule on Law if there is NON. Congress preempted the Publi Law in 1962 omitting Product Liability remedy for any individual damaged or killed by a defective prescription drug. The courts and attorneys are putting all the cases against Merck in Product Liability as class actions. The reason behind this is so Merck and other prescription drug companies can get away with murder and experiment on the public while tortering and damaging. Merck has a protective shield from Congress and since Congressed preempted the FDA FDCA law in 1962 there is NO LAW Federal or State that can prosecute them.EXCEPT THE RICO ACT. READ IT. Civil RICO anyone can file a CIVIL RICO Case and use a Pauper application from the Court. Most people who used Vioxx is a pauper now because of the damages done to their (body) property.


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