That's not a real free Bahamas cruise

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Scammers are starting to get some nerve. Let me tell you a story about how my husband and I got scammed out of $700 and a dog.

I have wanted an English Bulldog all my life and have done hours upon hours of research on the breed so I would be ready for when I had one. My husband, who is a truck driver, talked to another driver that had an English Bulldog puppy in his truck. My husband asked the driver where he got the puppy and the driver gave him the breeders information. My husband went to the breeders house and talked to the breeder about wanting a puppy and even picked one out for me. He gave the breeder the $700 asking price and it was agreed that he would pick up the puppy when it was old enough. He went back to the breeders house a couple of times to check on the puppy and to make sure things were going as planned. Well, when it was time for us to go get the puppy, we went to the breeders house only to find they didn't live there any more. We tried to call them and e-mail them to no avail. Finally we called the cops to report it only to be told that it's not the first time the breeder as sold puppies and up and left. Needless to say I was heart broken and we had to leave with no puppy and a loss of $700. It takes a real scum bag to give people false hope only to take it away.

This piece lacked one critical element: the actual scam. What information were the scammers trying to steal? Not sure how that fell through the cracks.

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