Swine flu prevention may cost schools

Health and Human Services Department Secretary Kathleen Sebelius shows a child from the HHS daycare how to wash his hands in Washington, D.C. to encourage families and children to take steps to protect themselves from the H1N1 influenza virus.


Steve Chiotakis: The new school year is getting underway.
But as students come through the doors, there's a big question about how schools will deal with H1N1, the virus otherwise known as swine flu.
School systems are already strapped. And their budgets could likely feel the pain. Reporter Joel Rose has more.

Joel Rose: The Palm Springs Unified School District in California is hoping to avoid a replay of last year, when it had to close one school for three days because of a swine flu outbreak. The district is spending more than $100,000 to put hand sanitizer in every room. With 24,000 students...

Joan Boiko: That's not a cheap venture you know, in a year where the budget has already been decimated.

But communications manager Joan Boiko says an outbreak could cost the district a lot more than that. California is one of the states that pays schools based on average daily attendance. For every student who misses school, Boiko says the district stands to lose about $30.

Boiko: So multiply that out and you're talking about a whole lotta money.

Schools can apply for a special waiver to avoid the penalty if they're forced to close, or if more than 10 percent of their students are out sick.

I'm Joel Rose for Marketplace.

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All this talk of vaccines is crazy for swine flu and even more so to contemplate giving it to people without the proper studies being done. Tamiflu fairs no much better with the recent connections to heart complaints. Homeopathic medicine for flu would be much safer, cheaper and easier to do especially in times of economic and health crisis. Also the studies and scientific proof is there. Over 60% of physicians in the UK are refusing to take the flu shot themselves. Perhaps for good reason the facility charged with producing the flu vaccines for the UK and the USA was shut down by the national MCA - Medical Controls Agency for a period of time recently to get its standards up. This was published in the uk press briefly and buried.
When Spanish Flu spread in 1918 50 million people died. American hospital statistics at the time show people did better in homeopathic hospitals with survival. For at least the past 150 years homeopathic practitioners have used the medicine Influenzinum as a flu preventive. The first medicine used in France to treat flu is Oscillococcinum made by Boiron and sells 7 million euros annually. Boiron was bought recently by the Bayer group. This Oscillococcinum can be bought on line from Drugstore dot com. This remedy recently toped pharmacy sales list and sales in the US alone are in the region of £20 million. A course costs of Oscillococcinum costs £6, which is used regularly by 5 million French for the prevention of colds and flu’s every year. Lets face it five million French can’t be wrong? The remedy was studied in 1987 and also 1990 during flu epidemics and demonstrated they worked and especially by reducing flu symptoms.
Due to the cytokine storm with this flu and homeopathic medicine being a non chemical medicine – this could be our solution panacea for all these flu’s safely. India has over 250,000 homeopathic doctors.
If you want more information check out stargate nutrition blog

I think it is very important to keep sick kids at home so as not to infect any other kids, it is equally important to detect flu in kids as soon as possible. That is why I have given my daughter a Motorola w376 Tracfone to take to school with her, it is not an expensive precaution, it cost less than $30 so all kids should have one. Sue knows that she must call me as soon as she starts to feel any symptoms.

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