Subway adds avocado to sandwich menu

A man passes a Subway shop in New York City.

JEREMY HOBSON: Well here in the U.S. there is a new ingredient coming to sandwich-makers nationwide: Avocado. Subway will be offering avocado spread as a topping.

Marketplace's Stacey Vanek-Smith tells us why.

STACEY VANEK-SMITH: Not only do avocados go with Subway's fresh and nutritious marketing campaign, they also add a dash of gourmet to the sandwich chain says Darren Tristano with Technomic.

DARREN TRISTANO: I think it's likely a test to see whether a more gourmet ingredient can play with their price point.

Play it, up, that is. The avocado spread will be included on some pricier $8 subs or you can shell out a buck to add it to other sandwiches. Food industry consultant Gary Stibel says the $5 foot-long deal established Subway as a slightly pricier and healthier alternative to fast food. And the avocado option will keep pushing subway in the fancy fast food direction.

GARY STIBEL: We're coming out of a recession, so it's perfect timing for them to start laddering up from $5 to $6 to $7 and who knows.

Stibel says the new ingredient may attract Hispanics, a fast-growing market that consumes a lot of avocados.

In New York, I'm Stacey Vanek-Smith for Marketplace.

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Stacey Vanek Smith is a senior reporter for Marketplace, where she covers banking, consumer finance, housing and advertising.
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I went to the store in Century City and they don't have "spread" they only have "sliced" avacado. I believe the Ad is a bit miss leading.

I would like to know why Subway has banned the use of horseradish. The operators say they can't even buy or furnish to their customers! WAAAS UP?

The avocado is a good start, but the chain should take advantage of low cost spreads like hummous and yogurt based sauces. These will be what drives "freshness" and the perception of updated offerings.

will their avacado 'spread' be 'fresh' like their other ingredients?

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